Introducing the Linear range, available in Standard and Elite grades, on the one hand the products represent our most cost-effective lighting solutions through the adoption of 3W LEDs, the same as used in our 2018 WRC lighting solutions, meticulously engineered and tested to optimise lighting performance for everyday road use and specifically the passenger car market. On the other, a slimline, aerodynamic design, with a real emphasis on high-end styling, the lamps are simple to install, and act to minimise drag, while delivering astonishing levels of illumination.

The 2nd generation of Triple-R lights boast improved lighting performance that delivers slightly improved distance illumination, on what was already a hugely impressive long-range spot beam.

Still it is through advances in the LED technoclogy, and optics, that an improved spread of light at the sides of the road, particularly on the Elite grade products, make these our most powerful lights.

On the Standard products, a comparatively higher up/down spread of light ensure excellent compatibility on heavy trucks.

Developed around the uncompromising requirements of the professional motorsport market, the Triple-R range of lights is setting the new standard in auxiliary driving lights. The latest and most sophisticated component technology has been incorporated alongside patented systems for optimising light output for both road and off-road applications.

The result is a range of lights that on the one-hand achieves incredible distance illumination, and which on the other provides for a spread of light in the mid to long-range which is optimised for everyday road use and the motorsport sector. Prepare to be impressed!

Re-engineered and re-designed for 2017/8, the ST Evolution range of ECE approved high performance driving lights utilises upgraded LEDs and the latest component technologies, combined with advanced electrical design and material solutions. The result is superior performance and reliability optimised for range and spread of light.

A contemporary design ensures the lamps compliment and enhance the styling of any vehicle from motorbike to quad, 4x4 to heavy truck, and everything in between.

A world first for LED technology, the Carbon Series sets a new standard in auxiliary driving lights for the motorsport sector. Through ground-breaking advances in material design and engineering, the Carbon Series stands apart from all other lighting solutions. With products produced with either a full carbon-fibre housing, or with 3D print material, the Carbon Series provides for an ultra-lightweight construction, and a power/weight ratio never seen before in automotive lighting.

With a strong motorsport heritage, Lazer Lamps offers a range of lighting solutions designed specifically for the exacting requirements of rally motorsport.

Including ultra-lightweight bonnet and corner pods, constructed from glass and carbon-fibre composite materials, and high performance LED spotlights with a weight to power ratio never before seen in automotive lighting, now is the time to See More, Go Faster, Go Safer.

The UTILITY SERIES from Lazer is a range of high performance LED work lamps and accessories, which combine the latest and most advanced LED systems with patent-pending design features to maximise light output, functionality, and reliability.

High density LEDs provide more light at a carefully selected colour temperature to maximise definition and reduce fatigue during prolonged use. A super-tough construction, unbreakable polycarbonate lens, and comprehensive certifications and testing, guarantee the longevity of the products whatever the application.